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Helping the pharmaceutical industry with effective goods like Energy Drink, Febuxostat Tablets, Fluconazole Tablets IP, Etizolam Tablets, Levocetirizine Tablets IP, Ceftriaxone and Sulbactam For Injection, etc.
About Us

The essential need for various types of pharmaceutical products is consistently growing and our company, VOLKS BIOTECH (A DIVISION OF ARYAN PHARMACEUTICALS) is fulfilling them efficiently. We started our function in the year of 2010 as a supplier of a wide selection of pharmaceutical goods. Pharma products Tablet, Capsules Syrups, Injections, Creams, Protein Powders, Soap, Food & Herbal Items and Neuro Range.. are some of the goods to mention from our broad range. Since our products are used in the healthcare sector, we assure that they conform to highest quality standards and are only then approved for shipment to customers. This is how we are able to advance our business in the pharmaceutical industry considerably. We deals in Pharma Franchise & Third Party Manufacturing. We have association with WHO & GMP certified MFG.

Customer Satisfaction

In order to strengthen a business in the highly competitive industry climate of pharmaceutical goods, customer satisfaction is amongst the most important factors that they have to assure. Our customers also are our topmost concern and we are working with them to guarantee they are satisfied with our service on the basis of the following factors:
  • We make sure that all the customer requirements for premium goods are fulfilled in a secure and timely way.
  • We market our goods to the customers at affordable prices relative to the other companies.
  • We assure maximum honesty with every customer whenever we deal with them.
  • We work with our clients to build long-term alliances for potential business opportunities.

Our Team

The demand for goods sold by our business is always growing but we are helped by a robust team of specialists to accommodate them quickly and efficiently. We have various industrial experts who after rigorous evaluation and training, are only employed in our company. Our team strives to continuously evaluate the needs of customers and to create exceptional solutions leveraging their expertise. All items, including Pharma products Tablet, Capsules Syrups, Injections, Creams, Protein Powders, Soap, Food & Herbal Items and Neuro Range etc., are correctly formulated with the support of the team. Our team also closely analyses each batch upon development so that any chance of fault can be excluded from our end.----------------

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